How to Take Beautiful Beach Photos

I absolutely love the beach as a location for my family and children's portrait sessions. We are so lucky in Perth to have sunsets over the ocean and great weather most of the year.

Here are some tips to take your own beautiful beach photos!

  1. Head down for sunset. The best time to take photos is from 20 minutes before sunset for beautiful soft lighting!

  2. Check the wind report. Of course heading to the beach in the rain won't make for the best experience but as well as checking the weather report for rain, check if it's going to be windy. Perth beaches can be quite windy sometimes, but on the still days, it makes for lovely photos.

  3. Winter is actually a good time! Consider going for your beach session in winter or early spring. Not only are the beaches more likely to be free of people and less windy in winter, sunset is also earlier, so your little ones won't be as tired as heading down for the late summer sunsets.

  4. Get wet and have fun! Photos in the water a beautiful and fun, I also love spinning, running and playing in the sand photos.

Good luck and have fun!


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