Updated: Aug 29, 2019

There is always strength to be found by tapping into our inner magic!

Everything changed when Aleina stepped in front of the camera and transformed. My original idea was to make a photo series on melancholy. The feeling you get when you're sad, but content to be sad just for this moment. I thought a witch might face this often, watching all the regular people and feeling just a little different from them.

I asked my friend Aleina to be my witch, and something magical happened when she jumped in front of the camera. A burst of strength and confidence shone through her as she tapped into her inner witch. She became powerful and enchanting. 

I immediately knew that I had to change my theme. Through this fantastical witch persona, I saw a powerful and confident woman that is within all of us. So even if you have your shy moments like I do, I think there is always strength to be found by tapping into our inner magic. 

Custom fantasy portrait sessions now available for adults and children! Contact me for more information.


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